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Job description

Eureka Mellon provides equipment and services for drilling and completion within MENA, due to the successful continuous expansion, we are expanding our Leadership team and have an exciting new opening for a Chief Operating Officer


The chief operating officer is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the company. The COO oversee the operations, finance, human resources, marketing, and other departments. The COO ensures that the company meets its goals and objectives.

  • Develops and executes the Eureka Mellon’s strategy by mobilizing key leaders and their teams to align with the strategic thrust of the organization.

  • Ensures the organization's productivity by building a performance culture within the business.

  • Oversees the implementation of all operational plans by agreeing on targets with divisional heads

  • Ensures each division supports the organization's strategy by agreeing on critical goals and targets for all senior leaders.

  • Leads all support functions by ensuring their mandate aligns with the overall business strategy.

  • Collaborates with the CEO to establish and drive the corporate vision and operational strategy

  • Translates strategy into actional steps by establishing organizational-wide goal setting, performance management, and yearly operations planning.

  • Ensures the organization complies with all regulatory and policy requirements by instituting periodic business audits.

  • Optimizes all business processes by analyzing and identifying areas for process enhancement.

  • Ensures business profitability by optimizing resource utilization in all areas of the business.

  • Evaluates company performance by carrying out a periodic evaluation of performance throughout the organization.

  • Prepares quarterly board reports in collaboration with all divisional heads.

  • Drives company results from an operational and financial perspective by making everyone within the organizational accountable

  • Sets challenging but realistic goals for the organization by engaging senior leaders in the goal-setting process.

  • Fosters profitable relationships and partnerships by engaging relevant customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

  • Builds a cost-efficient business mode by periodically reviewing market trends and business resource requirements.



  • Maintains effective communications with all key stakeholders both internal and external

  • Client communication is pivotal to the Business, and the COO is managing the day-to-day client communication.



  • The COO is responsible for accurate and punctual financial reporting together with the Finance team.

  • Drives the budgeting process by working with C-level executives in resource forecasting.



  • Attracts and retains competent staff by leading in the development of an attractive employer brand for the business.

  • Develops a succession plan for critical roles within the business by collaborating with the CEO and the Board.



  • Demonstrates leadership, ethical behavior and adherence to Eureka Mellon standards at all times

  • The COO is expected to lead the key stake holders for maximum operating efficiency keeping quality and safety as a priority




  • Minimum Bachelors degree in Engineering, Masters or MBA desired

  • Minimum 15 years of related experience in Oilfield Services with particular emphasis on Drilling


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities


  • Very familiar and hands on experience with all aspects of well construction

  • Extremely knowledgeable of the MENA upstream markets

  • Well respected of peers in the MENA market

  • Significant out reach and penetration with clients and suppliers in MENA

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