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Unlock the future of sustainable energy services


Eureka Mellon brings over 40 years of dedicated operations and services within MENA and GCC upstream sector, with emphasis on drilling and completion

Purpose Statement:

With our disruptive technology we increase the sustainability of global energy operations

Vision Statement:

To be the leading supplier in specialist equipment and services within the Energy Industry

Mission Statement:

We will deliver innovative and quality engineering designed equipment and services to our customers, that will enable a more sustainable and efficient operations in delivering energy to the world.

Our dedicated and amazing people live and work for the WOW moment; which is that exact moment our clients experience our technology and services. (EUREKA!)

We will deliver the future of energy services in todays world


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Drilling Technologies

Downhole Drilling Filters:

Eureka Mellon provides specialty engineered and designed downhole filters utilized during drilling, to prevent junk/debris reaching MWD/LWD/Motors/RSS/Bit, enhancing the uptime of the BHA and full operability

Anti Stick/Slip Technology:

Eureka Mellon supplies the best in Industry Anti Stick/Slip and Shock technology tools, reducing the risk of premature BHA failures and increasing ROP

PDC Reamers:

Our First-in-Class Bi-Directional Dogleg Reamer smoothens out the wellbore and takes out doglegs and micro-doglegs

Auto Driller:

Eureka Mellon supplies the Auto Driller to Drilling Contractors and Operators to optimize WOB and ROP

Retrievable Whipstocks:

Eureka Mellon supplies retrievable whipstocks across GCC and MENA


Contact Us

ICAD-1, Al Tibr Street, Unit 26
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates

+971 2 876 2541

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